Cloud-based distribution of exams

Exams Portal is a software solution enabling medical institutions to easily and safely publish and distribute medical imaging exams and related diagnostic reports to the cloud, for an online access and review by patients, referring physicians or other authorized users.

Seamless integration into existing infrastructure

Exams Portal can seamlessly integrate with your existing DICOM infrastructure: in a matter of minutes, you will be able to create an online portal for any medical institution, where DICOM images and related DICOM and non-DICOM content (e.g., reports) will be accessible by authorized users only.
The on-premise Exams Publisher application, which is an integral part of the solution, will be able to easily integrate into the existing DICOM network, and receive DICOM studies through a standard DICOM Store operation. Also, integration interfaces are available, enabling external applications (e.g., RIS) to associate several non-DICOM documents and data to DICOM studies, including reports, email addresses, etc.

Fully-customizable web portal

Once published, medical imaging exams and related documents will be available online through a dedicated web portal, for consultation by authorized patients, referring physicians or other involved operators.
The web portal has been designed to support a high degree of customization, in terms of institution’s logo, color schemes, text disclaimers, etc. This way, Exams Potal’s web access can be seamlessly integrated with medical institution’s existing website, keeping a consistent look&feel.

Online image viewing

Advanced online image viewing is supported thanks to our powerful web-based DICOM viewers, RemotEye Viewer and RemotEye Lite. Portal administrators can decide whether to enable image viewing through the more-advanced, diagnostic reading-certified RemotEye Viewer, or through the lightweight zero-footprint, easy-to-use RemotEye Lite, or both.
In all cases, users will be capable of downloading an original copy of the DICOM study, exactly as if they had a DICOM CD / DVD.

Significant cost savings for institutions

Exams Portal allows introducing a fully-digital, cloud-based, paper-free and media-free distribution method for medical imaging exams. It can complement or completely replace traditional exams distribution methods, for instance based on DICOM CDs / DVDs. With Exams Portal, after doing a medical exam at the medical institution, patients will simply receive a web address and an automatically-generated login, and they will immediately be able to go online and consult their medical images, as well as the related reports. Thanks to this fully-digital and cloud-based distribution method, medical institutions from all around the world will be able to significantly save on costs, while at the same time reducing the maintenance hassles deriving from production of DICOM CDs/DVDs or from printing and delivery of paper reports.

High security, privacy and reliability

Exams Portal relies on a high-end cloud infrastructure, where storage of data (DICOM files and non-DICOM documents) is separated from the business-logic portion, running the web portal and managing the published exams’ database. Strict privacy and security policies are adopted, both from the physical and from the software points of view.
All exchanged data are encrypted, both in transit and at rest, according to the best industry standards.

Technical features

On-premise gateway

On-premise Exams Publisher application, acting as a DICOM Storage Service Class Provider (SCP) able to receive any kind of DICOM dataset from any DICOM node within the institution's network.

Powerful cloud storage

Cloud storage of data based on Amazon S3 infrastructure, with ample choice on the physical location of those data.
As much cloud storage space as required is included in the solution.

Configurable retention

Configurable online retention period for published exams, up to a maximum of 6 months.

URL customization

High-quality domains included for institution's web portal, such as "". As an alternative, an institution's existing domain may also be used.


Fully-customizable look&feel for the web portal.
Fully-customizable content and look for the login sheet.

Print options

Support for automatic printing of a login sheet upon publishing an exam, with all appropriate access information for the patient/user, optionally including a QR code for fast access to the web portal.

Custom email notification

Support for automatic delivery of notification emails (if recipient's email address is known) upon publishing an exam, with all appropriate access information for the patient/user.

High security

HIPAA-compliant and highly-secure data centers for cloud storage and web portal servers.


Pay per use

Institution only pays for the number of exams which are actually published to the cloud portal.

Everything is included

The pay-per-use fee includes everything:
  • Usage license for the on-premise Exams Publisher application
  • Cloud storage based on Amazon S3 (as much space as needed)
  • Web portal for users
  • Unlimited-users licenses for our web-based DICOM viewers (for usage by portal users)
  • Deployment and maintenance of the entire system by NeoLogica support team

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This is NOT a portal to request exams booking or exams results.
This is a commercial solution we are selling, so please contact us only if you are interested in technical or commercial information about this solution.